Visible Pathway is not your typical consultancy – we don’t have any consultants...

“Ok, so how can you deliver tailored consultancy without consultants?”

Consulting. Digitised.

We capture and convert consulting expertise into digital Projects from the best consultants using our unique method.
You access a Project 100% online from our Project Library.

Everything you need.

Each Project contains a diagnostic app, expertise, guidance, and materials.
You add the knowledge of your own business.
Implement real improvements right away.

How does it work?

Select the key stakeholders appropriate to the Project you need.
Appoint an internal Project Facilitator and determine your timescale.
Work through your tailored Project.*

How does this help?

Transformational results in less time at a much lower cost.
The content, data and results are yours to keep.
Your team decides the changes for your business.
Ownership = results!

*How do I get a ‘tailored’ Project?

1. Each Project contains a diagnostic application that guides you through a subset of the Project content relevant to your situation; your ‘pathway’
2. Self-serve your content ‘pathway’, work with your key business stakeholders and implement the changes you’ve identified to improve your business

“We were blown away by how comprehensive the Visible Pathway Project material was. All our questions were answered almost before we thought of them. Probably the best initiative we have undertaken in our business. Ever!”

Philip Nobelis

Founder CEO Syneru (RSA)

Ready to go?


Step #1

Register and then assess a relevant Project using the free Modules

Step #2

Purchase your chosen Project from the Project Library

Step #3

Appoint your Stakeholder Team & Facilitator, then agree timeline and objectives

Step #4

Ensure your Facilitator completes their free Project and then get going!