What Past Crises Tell Us About The New Future

This eBook provides you with a practical approach including 10 clear steps you need to take to ensure your business survives any existential crisis.

Find out HOW YOU REACT IN TIMES OF CRISIS. Do you stick your head in the sand and hope it just goes away?​

Learn WHAT HISTORY CAN TEACH US. Lessons learnt from the early 2000s dotcom bust and the 2008 financial crisis. ​

Understand WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING RIGHT NOW. We explain the important stuff that will help you survive and the tough decisions you need to make.


This eBook is based on a very successful webinar we held in June 2020.  That webinar was essentially a discussion on a subset of the content presented in this eBook, between our CEO Mark Cotgrove and Dominic Rowsell.​

Dominic has 25 years experience in sales, sales advisory & sales transformation consulting and was a co-founder of Hot Rivet, a boutique consultancy that first developed the ideas we developed into Solving the Customer Mystery. These theories were developed and delivered using the traditional consulting model with frankly astonishing success in numerous global companies such as Cisco, Airbus, Fuji-Xerox and others.​

Dominic is one of the few people who actually have an understanding of what we should be doing based on having observed, consulted to, measured and analysed what worked and what didn’t in 2 previous crises.​

This eBook focuses on a fact-driven, experience-based approach rather than ‘expert’ theoretical advice. If you want a concise clear path for moving forward then download this eBook today.

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“Crises might have different causes but human behaviour remains the same. Lessons learned in previous crises can be applied to any other.”

Dominic Rowsell

Sales & Marketing Specialist | Author | Global Pursuits Leader EY