The story and the team

The story so far

The idea for Visible Pathway came from our background as entrepreneurs. Between us we’ve founded 8 different companies and  have learned a lot from our successes and, err, when things didn’t quite work out…

With that experience comes the understanding about how lonely and challenging it can be running a small business.

We saw that many small businesses need help in order to grow but were locked out of the resources needed because of time and cost barriers.

So, we created the means to allow those companies to access a trusted source of support. This helps you improve your business. You could almost call it digital consulting

Meet the Leadership Team

We are variously friends and former colleagues who bring diverse capabilities and experiences to a common set of values, vision and purpose; helping small businesses grow and succeed.

We might no longer be young thrusting entrepreneurs, (there are more than a few grey hairs amongst us) but we think that’s a benefit to you; we’ve been there, done that and sold the T-shirt company! 

Ian Meharg
Product & Content Marketing

Niobe Menéndez
Content Creation & Management

Meet our Consulting Partners

We consider our Consulting Partners to be part of the team. All have world-class experience and knowledge in their respective disciplines and we work collaboratively with them to build our Projects. 

Each Project is carefully chosen and modified as needed to be specific and valuable to SMBs. All of our Projects are based on knowledge and experience derived from decades of experience so you know that everything is tried, tested and works!

James Hurman
Founding Partner
Previously Unavailable

Gary Jesson
EFM Financial Management

Dominic Rowsell
Global Pursuits Leader - EY

Malcolm Holloway
Director - EFM Financial Management

Sarah Lawton-Duma
VP Portfolio Management - GfK

Brigitte Lawler
CEO - Legend SA

David Barnes
Director - Calvaria.Cloud

Meet our Investors and Advisors

Investors and Advisors are a critical part of any growing business team. It’s incredibly useful to have an external, but involved viewpoint. We appreciate their investment in both time and money, they are an important part of shaping how the company grows.

Ram Srinivasan
Growth & Venture Architect

Dominic Rowsell
Global Pursuits Leader - EY