Sarah Lawton-Duma


Sarah has worked in numerous global companies, often being brought in to resolve high profile, complex, problematic projects. She has a frankly astonishing success rate, navigating often difficult situations through to successful delivery, with multidisciplinary teams, often remotely located, to ensure that value is delivered for the business. Her expertise in establishing PMO and Programmes is highly sought after as she deals with challenges in a very practical and pragmatic manner and has over 15 years of successful project deliveries on her CV. Sarah is working with us to build Solving the Project Mystery, bringing that expertise to smaller organisations.

Sarah says that Adventure is her middle name. We think that’s pretty weird, but hey, you don’t get to choose your parents. She is always up for challenge, be it diving with sharks, swimming with whale sharks (they eat krill so is it really a challenge though…??), going on safari, etc. Travel is her passion, and doing it with her family is her joy!