Storytech – Brand Strategy in a Day


Project pre-requisites

In order to be prepared for the Storytech Project you need to set a date for your workshop and invite your team. You’ll need no more than about 5 people who are the most knowledgable about your company and what you stand for.

Before the day you need to read the Prep Pack accessed by logging in and downloading from Prep Pack Module in the Project Contents tab above.

When you’re ready to start the day, download and print out the Worksheets and Day Pack from the Storytech dashboard that you access once you’ve purchased the Project by selecting the Introduction Module from the Project Content tab above.


Storytech was designed to be completed in one day with a total of 8hrs of workshop scheduled. This is the ideal solution as it maintains momentum and ensures that everyone is totally clear on what’s happening. For this reason we strongly suggest that you complete it in one day.

However if you do need to spread it over a couple of days, ensure that the group have their collective heads ‘back in the game’ so you get the best possible outcome.

When you break for lunch or from one day to the next, go back into the platform via the Module stones on the Project Content tab above. You can then select ‘Resume Workshop’ from the Storytech dashboard. All your previous work will have been saved.

How to access Project content

The content is accessed via the Project Content tab above, however the navigation of the Project is slightly different to most visible Pathway Projects as the content is not hosted on our platform. When you click on the Module stones in the Project content tab you’ll be re-directed to the Storytech platform and you’ll accomplish all the work there.

Clicking on any of the Module stones (Introduction or any of the 3 canvases) will take you to the Storytech dashboard and from where you’ll start or continue the Project.

Project Facilitator

Storytech doesn’t require a Facilitator in the way that most Visible Pathway Projects do, however you will need to assign:


a Scribe to complete the canvases


a Refiner who’ll refine the draft content

Click on a stone to see the content

Any room will do as long as it's comfortable and there is table space for writing. You'll need to have a projector or screen large enough for everyone to be able to see easily. Try to use a room that's light and airy, it's a long day and you don't want people dozing!
Ideally yes. Having a supply of coffee/tea and/or other drinks is really useful as it allows people to serve themselves without having to leave the room. Put the drinks table at the back of the room so people need to stand up and walk to get them. That in itself can help to keep people alert. You'll also have a break for lunch, it's up to you whether you have it in the same room or elsewhere, but either way aim to keep the group together, impromptu conversations can be really useful.
Storytech was an existing platform prior to the Visible Pathway collaboration. Both companies saw the benefit of offering the Storytech Project on the Visible Pathway platform but it didn't make sense to duplicate the technology on both platforms. Hence when you select one of the Module stones you are directed to the Storytech platform to access the content. The login and payment process is all accomplished through the Visible Pathway as normal and so benefits from the same secure processes.
Storytech was created by James Human who is very well known and respected in the advertising and brand strategy world. He has worked with many large companies as well as creating his own startups and is recognised as a thought leader. Click here to see his profile.
Brand strategy is usually reserved for large companies with lots of money to spend. That doesn't mean however that it's not relevant to smaller companies, just that we don't usually have the budget nor time to spend on expensive consultants. Storytech's philosophy is identical to ours at Visible Pathway; offering top level consultancy, digitally at a dramatically lower cost. So that we can access the same kind of support that large companies get.
Any small to medium sized company. Not much more to say really. Ok, I will. Any company will benefit from working through the Storytech Project to develop/hone your brand story. All other things being equal, better messaging based on a great brand story means more revenue, it's as simple as that.
You can access the Prep Pack (from the first Module stone in the Project Content tab) simply by logging in, or registering if you're new here. That will give you an idea of what the Project delivers and once you've looked through that hopefully you'll be convinced to purchase it.