Solving the Customer Mystery

Solving the Customer Mystery

Project pre-requisites

To get the most benefit from Solving the Customer Mystery you’ll need to create a Project team that includes the people responsible for various areas of the business. This may be 4/5 people, or fewer as some people may wear multiple hats:

  • The company – usually the CEO/MD
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Project Facilitator (see below)


Solving the Customer Mystery was designed for you to work through over a period of 5 weeks, between half and one day per week. This gives you the time to let the concepts sink in and to do the work required between each workshop.

The Project Facilitator should download the calendar files (see the FAQ tab), then simply add each team member’s email and the Project start date. Everybody’s calendar will automatically be populated with all of the group workshops.

If the standard 5 week schedule won’t work for you then feel free to modify it to meet your needs. Just be sure to keep the group workshops sufficiently close together to maintain the Project momentum.

How to access Project content

The content is accessed via the Project Content tab above. You’ll see the Project laid out as a series of Module ‘stones’.

The free trial Modules are coloured blue and you can see how the tailored ‘pathways’ work by selecting one of the grey Module stones. Your Pathway is determined by the results of the diagnostic workshop you’ll undertake in the Alignment Exercise.

Clicking on a Module stone will take you into the Module to access the content. You’ll find all the resources necessary, including the Project Facilitator’s documents.

Project Facilitator

The Project Facilitator plays an important role ensuring your company’s Project success. The PF sorts out the logistics, follows people up etc. Choose an organised, confident, good communicator for your PF. However, don’t worry, the PF doesn’t need any specific knowledge about the Projects!

You should complete the specific PF preparatory Project prior to the team starting Solving the Customer Mystery. In addition, ensure that you read the PF specific content for each Module before the Project team starts that Module.

  • Free Trial Modules
  • Click on any to get your pathway
Click on the background to reset the diagram. Click on any stone to see its content.

How do I get started?

If you’re a B2B company interested in business growing then sign up for your free trial. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Should I buy this Project?

Solving the Customer Mystery is a foundational Project for any B2B business. The principles apply regardless of whether you sell products or services, nor what they are. We believe that any B2B business will get huge value from implementing the principles. If however you don't, for whatever reason, we'll refund your money. As a general rule, because of the theoretical underpinnings, (B2C purchases don't usually have a need for a financial business case) Solving the Customer Mystery isn't appropriate for B2C companies. If however your products/services are analysed by your customers in the way that a company would do, i.e. with no thought to fashion, style, trends etc. and they are considered on a purely financial vs. capability basis, then it may be relevant. In this case we suggest that you register, and complete the free trial in order to decide. We don't want to you to waste you money!!
Solving the Customer Mystery costs £1499 for the whole Project. That is approximately 90% less than the same content would cost if it was delivered by a traditional consultant. In addition, rather than the traditional pdf report, you have ongoing access to all of the content and the diagnostic applications so that you can continue to model and improve your business as it changes. You can also test the Project for free by simply registering and then working through 3 free Modules in order to see for yourself the value that Solving the Customer Mystery can bring to your business. Click here to register.
Solving the Customer Mystery is delivered entirely using the Visible Pathway online platform. It contains a diagnostic application required to configure the Project to suit your unique needs. The Project content is delivered via a mix of audio and video Episodes coupled with multiple downloadable resources that you need to deliver your tailored Project. All of the content plus the diagnostic app data is yours to re-visit and use in perpetuity. No external consultant is involved in the delivery, you self-serve everything online at your pace and you can do the first three Modules for free. Click here to register.
We think that any B2B company should complete Solving the Customer Mystery. However you might need a little more convincing than that! Most companies’ problems would vanish if revenue doubled (although you might create a few new different ones!). However most companies don’t actually know what they should be doing in order to grow and given that resources are usually squeezed, decisions are usually made more by feel than by any logical rationale. Solving the Customer Mystery provides that rationale. It shows a framework by which you can understand where you should and shouldn’t be spending those precious resources. You will then work to implement that knowledge into your business operations through team workshops where you will take the principles and apply them to your business. You should see pipelines grow but with lower costs because you are much more focused on how and who to engage with and who not to. The fog will lift, you will make better decisions with less soul-searching and much less risk. And by the way, if you’re in the small percentage of companies for whom managing growth is a challenge, Solving the Customer Mystery will also help you manage better by focusing resources on where they are most strategically and tactically needed. If you’ve read this far then this is probably resonating with you to some extent. In which case click here to register, complete the free Modules and make your own decision based on what you learn there.
If you’re a B2B company and anything we’ve said here resonates with you then click here to register for your free trial. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Once the free trial is complete, purchase the Project, assemble your team as described in the Project details and then get going.
As with all Visible Pathway Projects, Solving the Customer Mystery is based on existing, proven content that has been delivered with great success in traditional consulting engagements. In this case, the consultancy concerned had delivered extremely successful projects with companies such as Airbus, Fuji-Xerox, Cisco and others. We worked with that consultancy and modified their content to be more appropriate to small to medium sized companies. We then used our proprietary methodology to build Solving the Customer Mystery so that you can benefit from the insights without having to pay the fees!
You can start any time you like. Visible Pathway Projects don’t require consultants for delivery so you don’t have to wait to fit in to anybody else’s schedule. Follow the instructions in the Project details, assemble your team and start as soon as you can. Pretty obviously, the more quickly you get going the sooner you’ll start to see results in your business! Click here to register for your free trial.
You have full control, but a typical timeframe is 5 weeks. This means your team comes together once a week for approximately half a day to complete the group workshops for 5 consecutive weeks. We provide a set of downloadable calendar files which will create the meeting requests in your team’s calendars, all you have to do is add your dates and email addresses.

All about the free trial

To give you a risk-free taster of the Project there are 3 Modules that you can work through at no cost. The first 2 are full Modules that are an intrinsic part of the Project, the 3rd is a mini-version of the full diagnostic exercise that your team would work through in the full Project. You have a 14-day period to work through the free trial which gives more than enough time to work out if this is the right Project to be doing for your company. Don't hesitate to contact us during your trial if you have questions at all, we're here to help! Once the free trial is complete, assuming that you're happy, purchase the Project, assemble your team as described in the FAQs above and then get going.
Yes, it’s completely free. You don’t even need a credit card. Nor a PayPal account. Nor a carrier pigeon to bring us cash. Not sure what else to say. We only require you to register for your Free Trial first and then you have 14 days access to the first 3 modules.
The free trial includes 3 Modules:
  • Introduction to Buying Styles – 6 audio Episodes
  • Introduction to Impact – 7 audio Episodes
  • Mini-Alignment Exercise – 1 video Episode
To get access we only ask that you register and then you have 14 days access to the first 3 modules.
The free trial starts as soon as you set up your Visible Pathway account, you then have 14 days to work through the first 3 modules of the project.
Simply login, go to the Project page and click on the ‘Buy this Project' button. You’ll be directed to the secure purchasing platform (we use Stripe so you know it’s secure), enter you card details and voila!
If we were you, in this case, we wouldn’t buy the Project. Obviously your decision though… Contact us however, we’d love to know why and what we can improve. I promise we don’t try to persuade you, we just want feedback!
What have you been doing!?. No problem, contact us and I’m sure we can figure out a solution.

Project logistics

The Project provides valuable insights into your whole operation; finance, investment, marketing, partners etc. so your Project team needs to include the people responsible for these areas in your company (obviously some people might wear multiple hats)
  • Managing Director/CEO
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Project Facilitator
You will need to assign a Project Facilitator who will be responsible for ensuring that things get done & the Project keeps moving. Ensure that the PF works through the free Project Facilitator Module (in the Project Library).
A traditional consultant usually plays two roles when they engage with a customer:
  1. provider of the knowledge and experience necessary for the business improvement
  2. facilitator of the improvement, working with the team to ensure that work gets done
In a Visible Pathway Project the content provides the knowledge and experience, however you need to provide the facilitation. So the Project Facilitator is the person who is tasked with ‘greasing the wheels’ of the Project. In other words: organising the logistics, following up to ensure that the team is doing the work required, organising the group sessions etc. Important – the Project Facilitator doesn’t need any knowledge about the subject of the Project, you are not expected to be a subject matter expert, don’t worry! There is a short, free Project specifically built for Project Facilitators to help you understand the role and prepare for it.
Any project requires planning, we all know that, but less understood is that to succeed, a project requires momentum! In theory you can work through Solving the Customer Mystery however fits best with your team’s work schedules, but we very strongly suggest that you run it over a 5-week period, spending 1/2 to 1 day per week on the Project. This schedule gives you enough time to absorb the concepts and do the work required but also maintains the momentum.
If you take 1 day per week then the ideal schedule for Solving the Customer Mystery looks something like this: Again, If you take 1 whole day per week then we would suggest two sessions per day which give ample time before and after to ensure that you can keep tabs on business as usual. The summary is:
  • Work between 10:00 – 12:30 each morning including 15 min break, then 12:30 – 13:15 lunch together, followed by work from 13:15-15:45 including 15 min break
  • Finish before 16:00 to allow for important normal daily activities to be completed
  • Homework on certain nights
Most companies find that setting aside the same day each week is the best way to do it, although that obviously is a function of your constraints.
Project Facilitator – to help you set up the Project in everyone’s diaries you can download a set of calendar files to which you simply need to add your Project start date, room details etc & then invite the Project team members. When you download, the events will automatically be added to your calendar starting on Monday 1st June 2020. Simply go to that date, change the dates to ones that suit you and add the relevant email addresses for your Project team members. There is also a spreadsheet which details the Project schedule at a glance for your information.