How to be a Visible Pathway Project Facilitator

How to be a Visible Pathway Project Facilitator

Project pre-requisites

Visible Pathway Projects usually need a Project Facilitator to ‘grease the wheels’ ensuring your company gets the benefits from whichever Project you need.

If you’ve been chosen as PF then hopefully you’re organised, motivated and a good communicator! Don’t worry however, you are not required to know anything about the content of any of the Projects on which you’ll be supporting your company. Your role is on the Project logistics and so you’ll set up workshops, ensure that appropriate actions are taken and followed up etc.


There are 4 Episodes, 1 video and 3 audio in this PF Project and it only requires a couple of hours of your time. However it’s important that you schedule the time to do this before your company starts a Project that you will facilitate.

The first Episode is the video and you need your CEO or Project Sponsor with you as it’s focused on preparation for the Project that your company is about to start.

How to access Project content

The content is accessed via the Project Content tab above. You’ll see the Project laid out as a series of Module ‘stones’.

Clicking on a Module stone will take you into the Module to access the content.

Project Facilitator

This is your Project, just for you, to ensure that you’re comfortable and confident in the PF role. The PF plays an important role ensuring your company’s Project success sorting out the logistics, following people up etc.  However, don’t worry, the PF doesn’t need any specific knowledge about the Projects that your company undertakes.

Click on a stone to see the content

A traditional consultant usually plays two roles when they engage with a customer:
  1. provider of the knowledge and experience necessary for the business improvement
  2. facilitator of the improvement, working with the team to ensure that work gets done
In a Visible Pathway Project the content provides the knowledge and experience, however you need to provide the facilitation. This short Project is to help prepare the chosen person for this Project Facilitator role.
The ideal PF has certain attributes:
  • a good listener
  • interested in people and the business
  • a good organiser
  • happy to speak up when needed, even to those more senior!
  • determined and reliable
You do not need any specific knowledge about the subject of the Project, don’t worry!
How to be a Project Facilitator is delivered entirely using the Visible Pathway online platform. It contains a mix of audio and video Episodes coupled with multiple downloadable resources to help you. All of the content is yours to re-visit and use in perpetuity so you can train multiple Project Facilitators if you wish. No external consultant is involved in the delivery, you self-serve everything online at your pace and the Project is totally free, you simply need to register.
The whole Project will likely take no longer than 1 hour but you'll probably re-visit the content numerous times to refresh your memory. It is designed primarily for the person chosen to be the Project Facilitator, however you will need to involve the Project Sponsor (often the CEO) to work with you for about 30 minutes during the first Episode. You must complete the Project before your company starts its first Visible Pathway Project to ensure that you are prepared to help your company achieve its goals.
If you're going to do a Visible Pathway Project you need a Project Facilitator in order to ensure that the Project progresses the way that you want it to. This Project is designed specifically for the person who you choose to be your PF and is totally free, you just need to register here.
This Project is for the person designated as the Project Facilitator for any Visible Pathway Project. The first Episode also includes the Project Sponsor (usually the CEO or equivalent). It's totally free you just need to register here.
Register here at no cost and then you can get going.
If you already have Project Management experience it's doubtful that this Project will teach you very much in a general, however there are some specific things that are important to Visible Pathway Projects. We think therefore that you should go through it anyway, just to make sure you don't miss anything and look silly!