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Developed by a team led by one of the world’s pre-eminent brand experts, James HurmanYour Brand Strategy in a Day takes you through the process that large companies pay tens of thousands to brand experts for. You will dig deep into your brand story, what your brand actually means and how you should be communicating your brand story to your different audiences.

Your brand is who you are and your brand story is what makes you different, if you build a stronger brand story and communicate it effectively, you will supercharge your success and create more loyal customers.

What does the Project cost?

Your Brand Strategy in a Day costs $799 for the whole Project. That’s a huge discount when compared to what a traditional brand consultant would charge, to the point that no small/medium business ever hires one!

You can also test the Project for free by simply logging in and then downloading the Prep Pack in order to see for yourself the value that Your Brand Strategy in a Day can bring to your business.

Who is this project for?

Your Brand Strategy in a Day is relevant to the broadest range of companies. This is pretty easy – the fundamentals of brand strategy are consistent across products, services, experiences and also charities. On the day you’ll see case examples from companies from each of these sectors. The principles apply across all sectors and geographies. 

This is your chance to get high-priced brand strategy consulting without having to pay high-priced brand strategy consultants!


In order to be prepared for Your Brand Strategy in a day you need to set a date for your workshop and invite your team. You’ll need no more than about 5 people who are the most knowledgable about your company and what you stand for.

Before the day you need to read the Prep Pack accessed by logging in and downloading from Prep Pack Module in the Project Contents tab above.

When you’re ready to start the day, download and print out the Worksheets and Day Pack from the Storytech dashboard that you access once you’ve purchased the Project by selecting the Introduction Module from the Project Content tab above.


Storytech was designed to be completed in one day with a total of 8hrs of workshop scheduled. This is the ideal solution as it maintains momentum and ensures that everyone is totally clear on what’s happening. For this reason we strongly suggest that you complete it in one day.

However if you do need to spread it over a couple of days, ensure that the group have their collective heads ‘back in the game’ so you get the best possible outcome.

When you break for lunch or from one day to the next, go back into the platform via the Module stones on the Project Content tab above. You can then select ‘Resume Workshop’ from the Storytech dashboard. All your previous work will have been saved.

Prep Pack

The Prep Pack prepares you for the brand strategy day. Each team member will need to read through this document beforehand.


The Prep Pack prepares you for the brand strategy day. Each team member will need to read through this document beforehand. If you aren’t sure yet then simply activate your free trial and download to have a look, no strings attached .

This is a FREE module, to take advantage of it just click the button below to activate 14-day free trial.


This is the first video session of the the Project where your team will all be together,


This is the first video session of the the Project where your team will all be together, either in the same room or virtually, to start the work on your brand strategy.

Exciting times!

Lean Canvas

You may have heard of the Lean Canvas idea with regard to start-up companies.


You may have heard of the Lean Canvas idea with regard to start-up companies. We use the same basic principles but slightly modify the details for this Project.

You’ll be working through the basics of your brand strategy and capturing them using the Lean Canvas structure. This ensures that everything is captured in organised way and nothing is missed.

Brand Story Canvas

The second canvas is where you create the core part of your brand strategy.


The second canvas is where you create the core part of your brand strategy. You’ll be working on the actual pieces of your brand story, based on the Lean Canvas structure that you built previously.

The content you create here forms the basis for all of your messaging and communications that you’ll then work with in the final canvas.

Storytelling Canvas

You now have all of the components for your brand strategy that need to be built into a compelling brand story.


You now have all of the components for your brand strategy that need to be built into a compelling brand story.

This canvas is based on taking all of the the pieces you’ve built during the day so far and crafting them into the most effective communication strategy for all of your stakeholders.

Should I buy this Project?

Do I need brand or marketing experience to do the Project?

No! The Project has been developed specifically for people with no marketing experience. There’s no jargon or marketing-speak, and the process is easy and intuitive no matter your business experience. If you do have marketing experience then you’ll be a helpful person to have in the room – but it’s not at all necessary.

I hate marketing jargon and nonsense. Is this just more fluffy brand bullsh*t?

We hate marketing jargon and nonsense too! Storytech has been developed to strip out all corporate-speak, brand consultant dogma and general waffle. We use plain language, and encourage you to do so with your story.

Storytech is also not ‘education’ or ‘inspiration’ – it’s a practical day of developing tangible and actionable outputs that you can use straight away.

What do we end up with at the end of the day?

When you complete the process, you’ll have your three Storytech canvases populated and saved digitally onto the platform. These canvases will contain all of the key messages you’ve developed for your brand, as well as a fully-written draft brand story and a to-do list for how to communicate your story in a range of places. Your canvases can be viewed, edited and shared anytime.

What do you mean by a 'canvas'?

‘Canvas’ is simply a way of describing a one-page document, split into a few different sections, that brings together a group of important fundamentals so that they’re captured succinctly and able to be shared and understood by others.

isn't the Lean Canvas someone else's IP?

The Lean Canvas was created by Ash Maurya and adapted from Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas. The Lean Canvas is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Un-ported License. This means that it can be copied, redistributed, remixed, transformed, and built upon for any purpose, even commercially – as long as it’s appropriately credited (Thanks Ash and Alex!), provides a link to the license, and is redistributed under the same Creative Commons license.

Why is Your Brand Strategy in a Day different from other Visible Pathway Projects?

Your Brand Strategy in a Day was built and delivered by Storytech and was an existing platform prior to the Visible Pathway collaboration. Both companies saw the benefit of offering the Storytech Project on the Visible Pathway platform but it didn’t make sense to duplicate the technology on both platforms. Hence to access the content you are directed to the Storytech platform. The login and payment process is all accomplished through the Visible Pathway as normal and so benefits from the same secure processes.

The Brand Strategy day

Do we need to do the Project in a particular day?

No – it’s completely up to you. Once you have an account set up, you can choose any day you like to do the Project. You don’t need to ‘book’ your day with us, and you can change the day if you need to, as often as you like.

We recommend you start your day at 9am and finish at 5pm. The agenda times in your Day Pack reflect this. However it’s up to you – if you want to begin earlier or later then you’re free to, and you don’t need to do anything special to arrange that – simply go to your dashboard and start the workshop at the time you’re ready. Just make sure you allow the full 8 hours.

You can also break the day into shorter sessions, we would suggest 3 sessions of around 2.5 hours completing 1 canvas per session staggered over multiple days. We would suggest completing all 3 within the same week if you can for continuity and to maintain momentum

Can we do the Project over two half-days??

We strongly recommend committing one full day to the process. That way you maintain the momentum, and the results are usually better. However, it’s possible to pause the process at any point and continue from where you left off later if necessary.

What's the agenda for the day?

The full agenda is made available to you when you sign up, but broadly speaking it’s:

9:00am – 11:50am     Introduction and Lean Canvas

11:50am – 2:35pm     Brand Story Canvas

2:35pm– 5:00pm        Storytelling Canvas and Conclusion

You will have breaks where you can deal with normal issues however we actually recommend you switch on your out-of-office assistant and settle in for the day.

What kind of room setup do we need?

You’ll need a comfortable room, free of distractions. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy meeting room or somebody’s garage, as long as it’s quiet and comfortable. Your team will all need to be able to see and hear the screen clearly. If possible, we recommend connecting your computer to a projector or large screen – but you can use a laptop screen if you can all see and hear it comfortably.

How many people should we have on our Project team?

There’s no hard rule, but we recommend having 2-4 people on the day. Most people find the Project challenging to do alone, with nobody to bounce their thoughts off. And more than four people tends to mean a lot more discussion and the need for longer than a day.

You also need a make sure that you have someone assigned as a Scribe to complete the canvases and a Refiner who will refine the draft content.

What happens after the strategy day?

At the day’s end, you’ll have three completed canvases saved onto the platform – which will be available, forever, for you to view, edit or share. In the days following your workshop, we recommend someone from the team takes responsibility for refining and ‘finalising’ the canvases, as the draft content will likely be a little messy and need a bit of careful thought and copywriting.

Once your canvases are finalised, it’s up to you to take your story, and your to-do list for how to tell it, and get out and action those to-dos.

Whether you do this yourself, or enlist the help of a designer or agency, is up to you. If you do use a designer or agency, you’ll find that your canvases are hugely valuable to them in the briefing process, and will help them and you get further, faster.

Do we need a Project Facilitator as in other Visible Pathway Projects?

Short answer: no. Slightly longer answer:  you do need to cover 2 roles from within your team
– a Scribe who’ll be responsible for completing the canvases during the workshop
– a Refiner who’ll be responsible for refining the content on the canvases after the workshop day

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