Storytech –
Brand Strategy in a Day

Your brand is who you are. But most of us only think about a logo and maybe a font.

A stronger brand means more revenue.

Did you know?

That having a clear brand story means that your team can explain your business in a way that others find compelling

Storytech – Create your Brand Story in 1 Day

Who are you? What do you do? How is it different? Why do you do it? How did you start? What are you working to achieve?

  • Developed and presented by James Hurman, one of the world’s leading brand strategists
  • Finish the day with your new brand story and a plan to communicate it to your customers
  • Helps start-ups and SMBs to get their brand strategy sorted, for a fraction of the cost of agencies or consultants

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur you also have to be a good storyteller.”

Richard Branson



Do I need brand or marketing experience to use Storytech?

No! Storytech has been developed specifically for people with no marketing experience. There’s no jargon or marketing-speak, and the process is easy and intuitive no matter your business experience. If you do have marketing experience then you’ll be a helpful person to have in the room – but it’s not at all necessary.

Is Storytech going to be relevant to a company like mine?

We’ve purposefully made Storytech relevant to the broadest range of companies. This wasn’t difficult – the fundamentals of brand strategy are consistent across products, services, experiences and charities. On the day you’ll see case examples from companies from each of these sectors.

I hate marketing jargon and nonsense. Is this just more fluffy brand bullsh*t?

We hate marketing jargon and nonsense too! Storytech has been developed to strip out all corporate-speak, brand consultant dogma and general waffle. We use plain language, and encourage you to do so with your story.

Storytech is also not ‘education’ or ‘inspiration’ – it’s a practical day of developing tangible and actionable outputs that you can use straight away.

What will I end up with at the end of the day?

When you complete the process, you’ll have your three Storytech canvases populated and saved digitally onto the platform. These canvases will contain all of the key messages you’ve developed for your brand, as well as a fully-written draft brand story and a to-do list for how to communicate your story in a range of places. Your canvases can be viewed, edited and shared anytime.

What do you mean by a ‘canvas’?

‘Canvas’ is simply a way of describing a one-page document, split into a few different sections, that brings together a group of important fundamentals so that they’re captured succinctly and able to be shared and understood by others.

Couldn’t I just take the canvases from the images on your website and fill them in myself?

We love your resourceful thinking! But the canvases themselves aren’t where the value is. On the day, you’ll be given comprehensive guidance from James in the form of case examples, important background information, key questions to ask and discuss, and tips that will unlock your ability to fill in the canvases in a way that’s much more powerful than completing them on your own.

Isn’t the Lean Canvas someone else’s IP?

The Lean Canvas was created by Ash Maurya and adapted from Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas. The Lean Canvas is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Un-ported License. This means that it can be copied, redistributed, remixed, transformed, and built upon for any purpose, even commercially – as long as it’s appropriately credited (Thanks Ash and Alex!), provides a link to the license, and is redistributed under the same Creative Commons license.

My brand and business information is sensitive - is Storytech secure?

Yes – everything you enter into our platform is private and secure. None of your personal or business information, or the information you enter onto your canvases, are shared with or accessible to anyone but you. We take the security of your data seriously, and have taken full precautions against unauthorised access. We use oAuth2.0 user authentication, AES-256 payment encryption through Stripe, an A+ Certified RSA 2048 bit SSL Certificate and all canvas data is stored in a highly secure and encrypted MongoDB database. You can dig deeper into our user and data security by visiting our Data Security & Privacy Policy.

I’m concerned about paper wastage – is Storytech considerate to the planet?

It sure is – we have made as much of the process digital as is possible. It really does help to print out and write on the 15 A3 worksheets – but you can also recycle old paper and copy the headlines from these worksheets over if you’d rather. The Day Pack can be viewed on a tablet or desktop computer. There are no other paper resources.

Can I use Storytech more than once?

Your Storytech Canvases are available to you, forever, to view, edit or share. However the process is good for one use only. Once you have completed the day, the videos and workshop exercises are unavailable until you create and pay for another session.

Can I use Storytech for more than one brand?

Yes – but not on the same day, and Storytech costs $500 per brand. If you try to use Storytech for more than one brand, you will find the day gets very confusing, very fast!

The Storytech day

Do I need to do Storytech on a particular day?

No – it’s completely up to you. Once you have an account set up, you can choose any day you like to use Storytech. You don’t need to ‘book’ your day with us, and you can change the day if you need to, as often as you like.

Do I need to do Storytech at a particular time?

We recommend you start your day at 9am and finish at 5pm. The agenda times in your Day Pack reflect this. However it’s up to you – if you want to begin earlier or later then you’re free to, and you don’t need to do anything special to arrange that – simply go to your dashboard and start the workshop at the time you’re ready. Just make sure you allow the full 8 hours.

Can I do Storytech over two half-days?

We strongly recommend committing one full day to the process. That way you maintain the momentum, and the results are usually better. However, it’s possible to pause the process at any point and continue from where you left off later if necessary.

What if we don’t complete the Storytech process in one day?

The platform gives you very clear guidance on time allowances for each section, along with countdown timers and warning bells. But the time you take is ultimately up to you. There is no ‘cut-off’ on the platform – so if you end up taking longer, you can either keep going on the day, or pause and come back to where you left off later.

What’s the agenda for the day?

The full agenda is made available to you when you sign up, but broadly speaking it’s:

9:00 – 11:50am          Introduction and Lean Canvas

11:50am – 2:35pm     Brand Story Canvas

2:35 – 5:00pm             Storytelling Canvas and Conclusion

Can I do other things on the Storytech day like take meetings and answer emails?

Only in the 10 minute morning and afternoon breaks or the 30 minute lunch break. The rest of the day you’ll find you’re 100% busy with the process. We recommend you switch on your out-of-office assistant and settle in for the day.

What kind of room setup do I need?

You’ll need a comfortable room, free of distractions. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy meeting room or somebody’s garage, as long as it’s quiet and comfortable. Your team will all need to be able to see and hear the screen clearly. If possible, we recommend connecting your computer to a projector or large screen – but you can use a laptop screen if you can all see and hear it comfortably.

How many people should I have on my Storytech team?

There’s no hard rule, but we recommend having 2-4 people on the day. Most people find Storytech challenging to do alone, with nobody to bounce their thoughts off. And more than four people tends to mean a lot more discussion and the need for longer than a day.

Can I include people from outside my business?

Yes – an outside perspective can often be useful. In saying that, it’s best that the overall balance is weighted to the people in the business who will be able to action the outputs from the day.

Should I provide food or drinks on the day?

Yes – we recommend you provide plenty of water, coffee and snacks. Storytech requires a huge amount of mental focus and energy, so it’s important to have sustenance readily available in the room all day.

And whether you provide lunch, or get people to bring their own, or have a café nearby that you can visit, it’s important that lunchtime doesn’t go over half an hour due to people needing to travel to eat.

What happens after the Storytech day?

At the day’s end, you’ll have three completed canvases saved onto the Storytech platform – which will be available, forever, for you to view, edit or share. In the days following your workshop, we recommend someone from the team takes responsibility for refining and ‘finalising’ the canvases, as the draft content will likely be a little messy and need a bit of careful thought and copywriting.

Once your canvases are finalised, it’s up to you to take your story, and your to-do list for how to tell it, and get out and action those to-dos.

Whether you do this yourself, or enlist the help of a designer or agency, is up to you. If you do use a designer or agency, you’ll find that your Storytech canvases are hugely valuable to them in the briefing process, and will help them and you get further, faster.