Javier Rodriguez

CTO (Director of making things work)

Javier has been working in the field of web development since 1996, so he has seen a couple of changes since the good old days of the Netscape vs. Internet Explorer Browser Wars. His expertise involves the whole process (some people might call it “craft”) of making websites: UX, graphic design, copy writing and development. Despite the incredulity of his wife when it comes to home improvement, he’s also skilled in Project Management and Agile methodologies.

Javi is an avid football player but the rest of us have seen no actual evidence of this, apparent, fact. Rumour has it that his playing style is modelled on Neymar Jr. Unfortunately, according to the grapevine, it’s based on his acting rather than footballing capability, but we don’t believe a word of it as we’ve never seen him rolling around on the ground. There’s a first time for everything though…