Ian Meharg

PROJECT CONTENT (Head of word wrangling)

Ian has spent 33 years in front line sales roles plus stints in other functions such as marketing, shipping, procurement and QA. He has worked in both large (IBM, CA, Gartner, Kodak) companies, & also in smaller companies ranging from startups to owner managed niche product makers. He spent three years as a CEO based in Singapore, covering a huge territory from India via Indonesia to Japan. This varied background means that he has a wealth of knowledge & experience of different sales approaches, methods, cultures and processes.In his spare time Ian has managed to author the “The Unintentional Salesman” plus two children’s novels, all published on Amazon.

He has also been known to reminisce about the time that he managed to break 100 on the Old Course. Once he’d explained what that meant to the rest of us, he subsequently had to spend a significant amount of time trying to persuade us that golf is actually a sport.