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Discover the 6 steps that every customer goes through before they buy any product

Some people think ’sales is sales is sales‘, and that any good salesperson can simply change or morph their technique to suit the particular circumstance. But over 15 years research into B2B sales has shown that this thinking is fatally flawed.

Yes, there are sales techniques, but these are just fine tuning. What really creates the confusion and difficulty for the sales people are very clearly defined ‘Buying Styles’ used by customers. It is your ability to engage with the customer’s very clearly defined Buying Style which is the critical issue.


Whether you’re a global enterprise software vendor or a local supplier selling to other local businesses, the sales folk in those businesses will tell you; B2B sales is hard. And it’s even harder when you don’t have the complete story.

To complete the story, accelerate your sales cycles and noticeably improve your customers buying experience you need to understand who in your customer to engage with and when.

IMPACT is the acronym to help you determine how you need to market and sell to your customers.

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  • how the customers Buying Style and their Buying Process work together
  • why your Sales Style has to align with your customers Buying Style counterpart
  • using this understanding to maximise your chances of success
  • building a predictable and growing revenue stream
  • how you do it starting right now

Also included is a set of actions that you can take right now to accelerate your sales cycles by starting to align better with your customers.

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“To build a consistent, repeatable way of winning sales opportunities you need to align how you sell to how your customers buy.”

Guy Kawasaki

Marketing Specialist | Author | Silicon Valley VC | Former Apple Chief Evangelist