Get Fit For Investment

Fewer than 2% of companies get the investment they seek.

What’s going to make you part of that 2%?

Fundraising is daunting task, you’re not an expert and there’s a lot to know. There’s lots of free information, but cobbling it together is a nightmare. 

Get Fit For Investment is a guided approach to attract the right funding from the right investor type.

Can you afford to get it wrong?

Elevated consultancy for the digital age

Why choose Visible Pathway?

Because we know first-hand that helping small to medium business grow requires a disruptive approach

“We were blown away by how comprehensive the material was. Probably the best initiative we have undertaken in our business. Ever!”Philip Nobelis, CEO – Syneru

This Project was developed with Legend SA founder/CEO, Brigitte Lawler and is designed for smaller companies who need funds to grow.

Using the diagnostic app, work through a process to choose your best-fit investment type. Then, as function of the type needed:

  • structure a plan to execute the investment process
  • build all the assets required
  • create a lead gen strategy focused on your funding goal

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What are the benefits of Online Consultancy for your investment push?

Your chance to get high-priced consulting without having to pay high-priced consultants

Customised for you

Built in diagnostic apps show the content that your funding situation requires, don’t waste time on irrelevant content!

Content you can trust

All Projects are based on consulting expertise that’s been tested in numerous companies; we know it works!

Get your investment

Shortcut the process and give yourself the best chance to get the funding your company needs to thrive 

This Project contains:

Intro and first diagnostic exercise

Learn how the Project works, compare and contrast the funding types available and work through the diagnostic exercise focused on understanding which is your best-fit funding type

These are 3 FREE Modules, to take advantage click the button below to activate a 14-day trial.

Funding type decisions

Examine the app report suggesting your best-fit funding type. Select the pathway as a function of your funding type(s).

You’ll understand the funding type rationale, get an in-depth view of your best-fit funding type, understand the lead gen process and build the assets.

Part of the Project purchase

Build your core business assets

Build your business and financial plans based on your business model. These are the foundational assets required for any investment conversation.

You’ll ensure that your business strategy and finances are clear and and can be explained eloquently to investors.

Part of the Project purchase

Create the rest of your assets

Ensure you can demonstrate preparation for business risks including data protection, cyber security and IP. Investors want to see growth potential but also risk mitigation.

You’ll also be building your pitch deck. This is last for a reason, it’s based on the previous work done!

Part of the Project purchase

Who is this Investment and Funding Project for?

Any company looking for Pre-seed, Seed or Series A funding. And especially if you don’t know what that means!



Cyber Security




Health & Medtech









Get specialised, investment-ready consulting for your business at a fraction of the cost

Frequently Asked Questions

What investment experience do we need for this Project?

None at all. It’s designed for complete newcomers to the world of investment up to what is called Series A. The Project holds your hand all the way through the process, ensuring that you’re in the best possible shape to secure the right type of investment.

If you’ve already have secured a Series A investment it’s doubtful that this Project will show you much that’s new. Well done and good luck!

Does this Project guarantee an investment?

No it doesn’t. Obviously we have no idea of the viability nor investability of your business.

However it does put you in the best possible shape to secure an investment. If you work through the Project and your company is intrinsically investable at the moment, then you have much better chance to the get the funding you need.

What funding types does the Project cover?

Get Fit For Investment covers all of the main funding types for early stage companies: Angels, Family Offices, Venture Capital, Crowdfunding (equity and product), Accelerators/Incubators and Loan/Debt. 

Working through the Project you will discover which funding type fits your situation the best and then you will prepare everything you need to successfully execute your investment process.

What if we need personalised help after having completed GFFI?

You will be in a great position to work with a specialised consultant who will be able to help you find investment sources as you’ll be ready to go!

Brigitte Lawler’s
company Legend SA will no doubt be happy to discuss with you, reach out to us at and we will gladly put you in touch.

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Try before you buy to make sure that this is for you. In addition, if you decide that you’ve made a mistake and you aren’t getting the benefits you expected then please contact us, we’ll gladly refund you.

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Visible Pathway Projects are designed so that you can use them on a regular basis as your business needs change. In this case you can use the Project to prepare for different funding rounds as your investment journey continues. Any content, including updates, in the Project is yours, forever.

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