Get Fit for Investment – FAQs

Get Fit For Investment

Should I buy this Project?

What is the free trial?

We want every Visible Pathway Project to provide you with great value. To try to ensure that, every Project has a certain number of the Modules available for you to try, free of charge. The free trial for Get Fit For Investment includes 3 Modules:

  • Introduction – 2 audio Episodes
  • Funding types – 9 audio Episodes
  • Assess your situation – 1 video Episode

To get access we only ask that you login and then you have 14 days access to the free trial modules.

Is the free trial really free?

Yes, it’s completely free. You don’t even need a credit card. Nor a PayPal account. Nor a carrier pigeon to bring us cash. Not sure what else to say. We only require you to login and then you have 14 days access to the first 3 modules.

My trial's complete, how do I purchase?

Simply login, go to the Project page and click on the ‘Buy this Project’ button. You’ll be directed to the secure purchasing platform (we use Stripe so you know it’s secure), enter your card details and voila!

I've done the trial & am not happy

If we were you, in this case, we wouldn’t buy the Project. Obviously your decision though…

Contact us however, we’d love to know why and what we can improve. I promise we don’t try to persuade you, we just want feedback!

I need more time for the trial

What have you been doing!? No problem, contact us and I’m sure we can figure out a solution.


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