How B2B Customers Buy FAQs

How B2B Customers Buy – FAQs

Project logistics

Who's in the Project Team?

The Project provides valuable insights into your whole operation; finance, investment, marketing, partners etc. so your Project team needs to include the people responsible for these areas in your company (obviously some people might wear multiple hats)

  • Managing Director/CEO
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Project Facilitator

You will need to assign a Project Facilitator who will be responsible for ensuring that things get done & the Project keeps moving. Ensure that the PF works through the free Project Facilitator Module (in the Project Library).

What's the Project Facilitator?

A traditional consultant usually plays two roles when they engage with a customer:

  1. provider of the knowledge and experience necessary for the business improvement
  2. facilitator of the improvement, working with the team to ensure that work gets done

In a Visible Pathway Project the content provides the knowledge and experience, however you need to provide the facilitation. So the Project Facilitator is the person who is tasked with ‘greasing the wheels’ of the Project. In other words: organising the logistics, following up to ensure that the team is doing the work required, organising the group sessions etc.

Important – the Project Facilitator doesn’t need any knowledge about the subject of the Project, you are not expected to be a subject matter expert, don’t worry! There is a short, free Project specifically built for Project Facilitators to help you understand the role and prepare for it.

How do we plan the schedule?

Any project requires planning, we all know that, but less understood is that to succeed, a project requires momentum!

In theory you can work through How B2B Customers Buy however fits best with your team’s work schedules, but we very strongly suggest that you run it over a 5-week period, spending 1/2 to 1 day per week on the Project. This schedule gives you enough time to absorb the concepts and do the work required but also maintains the momentum.

What's the ideal schedule?

If you take 1 day per week then the ideal schedule for How B2B Customers Buy looks something like this:Again, If you take 1 whole day per week then we would suggest two sessions per day which give ample time before and after to ensure that you can keep tabs on business as usual. The summary is:

  • Work between 10:00 – 12:30 each morning including 15 min break, then 12:30 – 13:15 lunch together, followed by work from 13:15-15:45 including 15 min break
  • Finish before 16:00 to allow for important normal daily activities to be completed
  • Homework on certain nights

Most companies find that setting aside the same day each week is the best way to do it, although that obviously is a function of your constraints.

Where are the calendar files?

Project Facilitator – to help you set up the Project in everyone’s diaries you can download a set of calendar files to which you simply need to add your Project start date, room details etc & then invite the Project team members.

When you download, the events will automatically be added to your calendar starting on Monday 1st June 2020. Simply go to that date, change the dates to ones that suit you and add the relevant email addresses for your Project team members. There is also a spreadsheet which details the Project schedule at a glance for your information.

HBCB calendar files

Excel version of calendar

What's Solving the Customer Mystery?

Solving the Customer Mystery or STCM is the old name for the Project now entitled How B2B Customers Buy. Don’t worry, you’ll see references to the old name in a lot of the content, we are working to update it but it does take a while!

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