Get fit For Investment FAQs

Get fit For Investment – FAQs

Project logistics

Who's in the Project Team?

The Project needs insights from your whole operation; finance, marketing, etc. so your Project team needs to include the people responsible for these areas in your company (obviously some people might wear multiple hats)

  • Managing Director/CEO
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Finance
  • Project Facilitator

You will need to assign a Project Facilitator who will be responsible for ensuring that things get done & the Project keeps moving. Ensure that the PF works through the free Project Facilitator Module before you start GFFI.

What's the Project Facilitator?

A traditional consultant usually plays two roles when they engage with a customer:

  1. provider of the knowledge and experience necessary for the business improvement
  2. facilitator of the improvement, working with the team to ensure that work gets done

In a Visible Pathway Project the content provides the knowledge and experience, however you need to provide the facilitation. So the Project Facilitator is the person who is tasked with ‘greasing the wheels’ of the Project. In other words: organising the logistics, following up to ensure that the team is doing the work required, organising the group sessions etc.

Important – the Project Facilitator doesn’t need any knowledge about the subject of the Project, you are not expected to be a subject matter expert, don’t worry! There is a short, free Project specifically built for Project Facilitators to help you understand the role and prepare for it.

How do we plan the schedule?

Any project requires planning, we all know that, but less understood is that to succeed, a project requires momentum!

Get Fit For Investment, like all visible Pathway Projects, requires no consultants for delivery so will fit in with your existing schedules. However we very strongly suggest that you plan to complete it over a relatively short time span; you want to maintain the momentum.


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