What Past Crises Tell Us About The New Future – eBook

This eBook provides you with a practical approach including 10 clear steps you need to take to ensure your business survives any existential crisis.

Find out how you react in times of crisis. Learn what history can teach us. Understand what you should be doing right now.

Understanding how your customers buy IMPACTS your business

Discover the 6 steps that every customer goes through before they buy any product​

Some people think ’sales is sales is sales‘, and that any good salesperson can simply change or morph their technique to suit the particular circumstance. But over 15 years research into B2B sales has shown that this thinking is fatally flawed.​

Accelerate your sales cycles. 3 steps to understanding HOW your customers buy from you

Understanding HOW a customer buys is just as important as why, but try finding a book or a course that covers it in any real detail. They don’t exist.​

You already know WHY a customer buys is super important, all that sales training you did and books you have read about selling covered that. But there is a gaping hole in your understanding if you think the story ends there.​


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