Dominic Rowsell


Dominic has 25 years experience in sales, sales advisory & sales transformation consulting and was a co-founder of Hot Rivet, a boutique consultancy that first developed the ideas we developed into Solving the Customer Mystery. These theories were developed and delivered using the traditional consulting model with frankly astonishing success in numerous global companies such as Cisco, Airbus, Fuji-Xerox and others.

He is a published author: “Why Killer Products Don’t Sell”, explaining the philosophy and process behind the selling of innovation. He has an ongoing significant involvement in StartUp incubators, including the EY StartUp Challenge in London and HiTech XL at the Philips Innovation Center in Eindhoven.

Dominic is a keen mountain runner. Although he assures us he’s completely sane, he regularly competes in mountain running events such as the 80km du Mont Blanc (with over 6000m of climbing) and others; you decide.