David Barnes


David is a business analysis and transformation expert. His background is in helping businesses transform their operations through process improvement and technology. He has worked extensively with small and medium size companies as well as large organisations including Toyota, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Nestlé. David loves the positive feedback that comes from the “wow” factor when customers are benefiting through easier and faster ways of working. David has worked for consulting organisations both large and small and is also a business owner, running his own consulting company. David is working with us to build the Project whose working title is I need to update my IT platform but have no idea how to start. We think we’ll probably come up with a better one before launch…

Obviously it was concern to us when we realised that, like Ian, David is a keen golfer. He says he’s not very good, but we think that’s no excuse. Clearly it’s now incumbent on the rest of the team to extend the existing sabotage campaign to include David. This is going to require a re-work of the plan, however we need to take into account that a big reason that he plays is in order to get some respite from his teenage kids.