Brigitte Lawler

CEO - Legend SA

Brigitte is the founder and CEO of LEGEND SA, a global solutions-focused consultancy specialising in small/medium business growth, including investment. Her broad areas of expertise include leadership, professional development, business strategy, business transformation, and investment optimisation. Brigitte is the expert and driving force behind the Project ‘Prepare for Investment’. 

A South African who has worked in more than 30 countries and lived in 4 countries (South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia and Switzerland), Brigitte has developed a truly global perspective to business in different markets. An engaging storyteller, Brigitte is well-received as a key-note speaker at events and her book “Humanity through Technology” was self-published on Amazon in both ebook and print format, quickly reaching #1 best-seller status.

Brigitte’s sport is walking her dogs (we don’t think that’s a sport…) and she will happily regale you with stories about how much mischief they get up to. She’s very proud of South African rugby as apparently they won the World Cup in 2019. They play rugby in South Africa? Huh…? Who knew…