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Visible Pathway provides Brand Strategy Consultancy at a Fraction of the Cost.

Need to invest in a brand marketing strategy? Visible Pathway is a revolutionary platform that provides digital consultancy for businesses.

Our brand strategy Project has no consultants involved in delivery, giving you full control of your brand strategy.

On average, companies who complete one of our Projects see up to 75% increase in KPIs within 6 mths. Why not join them?

Elevated consultancy for the digital age

Why choose Visible Pathway?

Because we know first-hand that helping small to medium business grow requires a disruptive approach

“We were blown away by how comprehensive the Visible Pathway material was. Probably the best initiative we have undertaken in our business. Ever!”

Philip Nobelis, Founder/CEO – Syneru

Developed by a team led by one of the world’s pre-eminent brand experts, James HurmanYour Brand Strategy in a Day takes you through the process that large companies pay tens of thousands for. Dig deep into your brand story, what your brand actually means and how you should be communicating your brand story to different audiences.

Your brand is who you are and your brand story is what makes you different. A stronger brand story, communicated effectively, supercharges your success and create more loyal customers.

Business improvement help ✔︎ ✔︎
Pay for content, not time ✔︎
Total control​ over your Project ✔︎
No scope creep/expense costs​ ✔︎
100% online and self-paced​ ✔︎
Free trial for all Projects​ ✔︎
Perpetual access to updated content ✔︎

What are the benefits of Online Consultancy for your Brand Strategy?

This is your chance to get high-priced strategy consulting without having to pay high-priced brand strategy consultants

Customised for you

Built in diagnostic apps show the content that your situation requires, this isn’t a generic improvement program!

Content you can trust

All our Projects are based on knowledge and consulting expertise that’s been tested in numerous companies; we know it works.

Improve your business

Your team takes ownership of the Project execution. Everyone grows their knowledge base and business acumen.

This Project contains:

Prep Pack

The Prep Pack prepares you for the brand strategy day. Each team member should read it beforehand to ensure that everyone is ready to make the day really valuable.

This is a FREE Module, to take advantage of it just click the button below to activate a 14-day trial.

Lean Canvas

You may have heard of the Lean Canvas idea with regard to start-up companies. We use the same principles but slightly modify the details.

You’ll be working through the basics of your brand strategy and capturing and organising them using the Lean Canvas structure.

Part of the Project purchase

Brand Story Canvas

The second canvas is where you create the core part of your brand strategy. You work on the pieces of your brand story, based on the Lean Canvas structure you built previously.

The content you create here forms the basis for the brand messaging used in all your communications

Part of the Project purchase

Storytelling Canvas

You now have all the components for your brand strategy that need to be built into a compelling brand story.

This canvas is based on taking all of the pieces you’ve built so far and crafting them into the most effective communication for all of your stakeholders.

Part of the Project purchase

Who is this Brand Strategy Project for?






Social Media Agency


Real Estate



Fund Raising



Wealth Management


Get Fortune 500 level Brand Strategy consulting for your business at a fraction of the cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need brand or marketing experience to do the Project?

No! The Project has been developed specifically for people with no marketing experience. There’s no jargon or marketing-speak, and the process is easy and intuitive no matter your business experience. If you do have marketing experience then you’ll be a helpful person to have in the room – but it’s not at all necessary.

What do we end up with at the end of the day?

When you complete the process, you’ll have your three Storytech canvases populated and saved digitally onto the platform. These canvases will contain all of the key messages you’ve developed for your brand, as well as a fully-written draft brand story and a to-do list for how to communicate your story in a range of places. Your canvases can be viewed, edited and shared anytime.

What do you mean by a 'canvas'?

‘Canvas’ is simply a way of describing a one-page document, split into a few different sections, that brings together a group of important fundamentals so that they’re captured succinctly and able to be shared and understood by others.

What makes this Project different from traditional consulting?

In short, because there is no consultant involved in the delivery. The huge advantage is that you don’t have to pay for their time.

This means that you access it completely on your own terms, to your own timescale, no need to fit in with anyone else. Obviously because you’re paying for content and not time this means that you save roughly 90% of what it would cost if a consultant delivered it to you, either in your offices or remotely.

All of the content was created by working hand-in-hand with the consultant with the experience and knowledge, but it’s all been captured digitally. This is the e-learning concept that you already know but now applied to consulting. Consulting. Digitised.

Will the content be automatically updated?

If the content is updated for any reason then you will have immediate access to it. When you buy the Project it is yours in perpetuity, including updates.

14 Days Free

We want to ensure that the Project will benefit your business. Every visible Pathway Project therefore has a 14 trial, free of charge, for a certain number of Modules.

Try before you buy to make sure that this is for you. In addition, if you decide that you’ve made a mistake and you aren’t getting the benefits you expected then please contact us, we’ll gladly refund you.

Full Project for £575

Or exchanged to another of our accepted currencies. This is for the whole Project, in perpetuity.

Visible Pathway Projects are designed so that you can use them on a regular basis as your business needs change. Many have other components including resources, diagnostic apps etc. Any of this content in the Project, including updates, is yours forever.

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