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3 steps to understanding HOW your customers buy from you

Understanding HOW a customer buys is just as important as why, but try finding a book or a course that covers it in any real detail. They don’t exist.

You already know WHY a customer buys is super important, all that sales training you did and books you have read about selling covered that. But there is a gaping hole in your understanding if you think the story ends there.


If just understanding ‘why customers buy’ was the holy grail they told you it was, then why are B2B sales not easy? Whether you’re a global enterprise software vendor or a local provider selling to other local businesses, the sales folk in those businesses will tell you; B2B sales is hard. And it’s even harder when you don’t have the complete story.

To complete the story, accelerate your sales cycles and noticeably improve your customers buying experience you need to understand the HOW of B2B sales. You must be able to categorise your customers using the characteristics of how their people engage with you order to buy. We give this a name – Buying Style.

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  • The different Buying Styles and how to categorise your customer into their Buying Style
  • Defining Customer Value and explaining why it is so important in B2B sales engagements
  • How the dynamics of your market or markets (where you sell) affect customer Buying Styles
  • The importance of aligning your company’s Sales Style to your customers Buying Style
  • What your business can do to incorporate Buying Styles into your sales processes to produce sales engagements that your customers will love

Also included is a 8 point checklist of actions you can take right now to accelerate your sales cycles whilst improving your customers’ experience.

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“To build a consistent, repeatable way of winning sales opportunities you need to align how you sell to how your customers buy.”

Guy Kawasaki

Marketing Specialist | Author | Silicon Valley VC | Former Apple Chief Evangelist