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The all new way for small businesses to access expert help and resources, for a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting.

Innovative digital consulting,

specifically for small/medium businesses

Why work with us?

Because… according to UK/US governments and others such as Forbes, 80% of small/medium businesses fail because of “lack of management experience and knowledge” not poor products.

Because… traditional consulting asks you to pay for time, when what you really need is knowledge and experience.

Because… Visible Pathway has changed all that.

World Class

Visible Pathway digital Projects are based on content already proven in Blue Chip companies. They have been re-designed for small/medium businesses  to help improve key aspects of how you operate and grow.


Because no consultants need to be involved in discovery and delivery, the cost of achieving the same results is dramatically reduced, usually by about 90%. “Try before you buy” at no risk.


Choose your Project and team members. All content is contained in the Project, digitally, as audios, videos, diagnostic app and resources. Work at your own pace, fit around your needs, improve without upheaval.


Although Projects are delivered online doesn’t mean “one size fits all”. The diagnostic app charts your “pathway” so everything is tailored 100% to your specific needs. See what’s available in the Project Library

Consulting. Digitised.

What Our Clients Say

Promising Outcomes logo

Cathy Fennell – CEO Promising Outcomes

Business Consultancy
The Project content was rich; full of useful & practical information delivered with clarity. Most of our questions had already been anticipated & addressed with real life examples. My team & I benefited as though a consultant was actually with us. In summary – deeply impressed on all levels.

Philip Nobelis – CEO Syneru

Cloud Services
"Visible Pathway is great, it really got us thinking in a new way about our business and it gave us the structure to do something about it."

John Santhosh – CEO GIEOM

Fintech Software
"Having ‘solved’ our own Customer Mystery, we were able to increase our sales almost immediately by 20% month on month and we increased our deal size by over 50% in our larger sales. The difference was simply amazing."

Negib Abou Habib – CEO BPS

Microsoft Distributor
"We went with Visible Pathway because everything else we had tried to drive growth had failed. Sales training, onsite coaching, marketing spend, nothing delivered. Solving the Customer Mystery has opened my eyes to why none of the other initiatives had worked. Now we know exactly what we need to do to turn our business around"

Our Blog - Pathways

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Jul 22, 2020

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Jul 16, 2020

Why the customer doesn’t matter in B2B sales

Author: Ian Meharg  |  Reading Time: 6-7 minutes “Of course, the customer matters!” I hear you cry. And you have a point. But stick with this as I develop this idea of the customer mattering. Or not. And if the …

Chris Rodowicz
Jun 26, 2020

Crisis? What Past Crises Tell Us About The New Future

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